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Sustainability | 3 minute reading time

150.000 trees for our climate

An environmentally and responsibly aware partner and employer: CARINI is one of the most renowned label printers in Europe and takes responsibility for employees, customers and the environment. With this in mind, the label manufacturer has launched a new project "1:1 - ONE ORDER, ONE TREE" and has been planting a tree for every single customer order since the beginning of the year. Young tree.
150.000 trees for our climate

On April 26, 2021, the CARINI project team, together with Andreas Amann, CEO of the
Department of Forestry of the Province of Vorarlberg, in the Bleisch forest in the Krupsertobel the first young trees
planted and many more are to follow. It was the starting signal for the project “150,000 trees for our climate”. Trees grow over many years and can, in the course of their
life absorb large quantities of climate-damaging CO2 and convert it into oxygen. For the
The planting campaign kicked off with the planting of young oaks, a tree species native to Vorarlberg.
For CARINI, the environmental concept is one of the most important corporate principles: “We feel
We are committed to using natural resources carefully and also to making a contribution via our
responsibility beyond the day-to-day business,” says Managing Director Edgar Sohm, explaining how it came about.
this project came. Since a lot of paper is naturally processed in the printing sector and this
known to be made from wood, the tree is a renewable raw material for the
label manufacturer the perfect symbol for a holistic circular economy. CARINI has made it
set a goal of planting 150,000 trees worldwide by 2030, at least one-third of which will be in
domestic forests grow.

However, reforestation is also a global issue. Therefore, CARINI will support tree planting projects in
Support areas of the world where reforestation is essential. In doing so, the
Lustenau companies currently the network of the children and youth initiative “Plant-for-the-planet“.
Important for the decision of the selected projects was the company with the over 80-
year company history, that 100% of the financial support is directly allocated to the respective
project partners. These reforestations in partly sensitive nature reserves
take into account not only the ecological but also the social challenges of local

For Etiketten CARINI thus closes the cycle of responsible action and lets
so order by order, tree by tree, a forest with future emerge