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Awards | 3 minute reading time

20th Golden Pixel Award – CARINI triumphs with Moonshiner

April 07, 2022, Ottakringer Brewery, Vienna: The coveted Golden Pixel Awards will be presented at a live gala. Vorarlberg companies come out on top in three categories.
20th Golden Pixel Award – CARINI triumphs with Moonshiner

The jury at the 20th Golden Pixel Award agrees

The anticipation for this live event was great. CARINI provides three of the four nominations in the largest category labels and wins with the show label “CARINI Moonshiner”. The jury is convinced by the idea, the design and the innovative, first-class execution. Above all, however, it’s the story that inspires, bringing all the elements together perfectly as a symbiosis. All expectations are more than met. A perfect event and an award that puts another exclamation mark.

The CARINI Moonshiner

The Moonshiner show label was created as a project work together with the design collective viergestalten and Rhino II S manufacturer Pantec developed and implemented. All details about:

The Moonshiner Story

Thehistorical background of the motif is the fact that in earlier times schnapps was also distilled in our homeland, the Vorarlberg Rhine Valley, without the permission of the government. In the USA, moonshine spirits are referred to as Moonshine referred to as. This name dates back to the Prohibition era. Moonshiners in rural areas secretly distilled alcohol at night. In this way, they were able to hide the hidden distilleries from Prohibition agents and escape taxation.

The design

The imagination is skillfully inspired by the design.
The darkness and the dense fir forest, which builds up like an impenetrable wall, suggest that it hides a secret.
The full moon, shining coolly from above as a knowing observer without revealing anything, intensifies the suspicion that something sinister is going on. Possibly something wrong.
The stars shine, the scenario is unreal, almost mysterious. The stimulus arises to find out more.

CARINI Moonshiner

The technical execution

Refinements CARINI Moonshiner

All finishes and techniques used, such as foil stamping and blind embossing, underline the story of the product with its many facets. They make the label come alive in the truest sense of the word.

The recipe for success of the Moonshiner

It becomes clear, the connection of all elements around the product, from the idea to the design to the technical execution, have a decisive effect on the perception. Ultimately, success is what stands out and is remembered. The basis for a successful product launch.
The quality of cooperation between client, agency and producer are thus essential keys. This is also what the Golden Pixel particularly appreciates in its entirety.
The 20th Golden Pixel award ceremony could not be held in the anniversary year 2021 due to Corona. All the more it has become a very special highlight for all of us this year.

Winner Golden Pixel - Moonshiner