Family-friendly business

“Outstanding Family-friendly Company”

CARINI receives “Outstanding Family-friendly Company” certificate yet again in 2020.

The compatibility of career and family is of key importance not only to working parents, but to companies too. Businesses which offer their employees a working climate conducive to reconciling these demands do themselves many favours. They gain and keep a workforce with an established know-how, and the staff honour their flexibility with a high level of job satisfaction, company loyalty and motivation.

Measures that make CARINI a family-friendly workplace:
Working times and hours are adapted to accommodate employees in special cases
Working hours can be reduced for single parents or for personal reasons
Employees can arrange to leave work promptly to pick up children
Working hours can be coordinated with spouses’ hours to ensure continuity of child care
Shifts and shift handovers can be made couple-friendly
Flexitime arrangements for administrative jobs
Availability of support in relation to different personal circumstances
Assistance with administrative paperwork, finding accommodation, etc.
Employees on parental leave or in retirement are kept informed of company affairs
Reintegration opportunities for mothers after parental leave