Golden Label Award

CARINI wins GOLD in the international “Golden Label Award”

Winner in the “Wines & Spirits” category
Creative design, promotional impact at the point of sale, innovative applications in relation to material, print execution and standard of finishing: these are the judging criteria for the Golden Label Awards. At this year’s 9th edition of the competition, the label “Zur Metzg – Borstig Kerl” produced by Etiketten CARINI came out top. This was designed for a Blauburgunder wine produced by the winegrower “Zur Metzg” from the Zurich wine region, which expanded in 2010 and relocated to the premises of a former butcher (“Metzgerei” in German).

Customer proximity + state-of-the art technology as a recipe for success
The days when labels were simply a means of communicating information are long gone. Nowadays they have to trigger the impulse to buy at the point of sale. That’s why CARINI works hand in hand with its customers from the outset. Only then can we guarantee an all-round perfect process for transforming highly sophisticated designs into finished labels. Thanks to printers with up to nine ink systems and the use of different printing techniques, virtually anything is possible. And for special requirements, CARINI can combine up to three different printing processes in a single pass. Finishing techniques such as hot-foil, blind and relief embossing, micro-embossing, varnishing and laminating lend a distinctive and authentic character to every label.