Outstanding Apprenticeship Company

Apprenticeship award

2019 saw CARINI receive the “Outstanding Apprenticeship Company” certificate once again.

Motivation and recognition are key drivers for ensuring high-quality vocational training. For this reason, companies which train young people in a variety of apprenticeable occupations, thereby assuming an important educational and social responsibility, are singled out for an award. Training apprentices not only helps to meet the growing demand for qualified professionals, but also offers young people practical training with a wide range of opportunities, enabling them to lay the foundations for a successful career.

This award for apprenticeship companies offering above-average training is designed to highlight the importance of this commitment to the social and economic development of our country. The “Outstanding Apprenticeship Company” award is a joint initiative by the Vorarlberg regional authorities, Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Labour.

Apprentice training at CARINI
Apprentice training is accorded a high priority at CARINI. Our apprentices are familiarised with every aspect of the company: for example, an apprentice print engineer doesn’t just learn about his own field, but also spends time in the sales, manufacturing, shipping and prepress departments. This comprehensive training in all the main areas of activity ensures a better understanding of the company’s processes and procedures. In addition to technical and methodological expertise, the development of social and personnel skills is also an important objective.