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Awards | 3 minute reading time

CARINI wins top award at the 2021 FINAT International Label Competition

Not just once, but three times more, CARINI has proven that its labels are among the top products in the industry, even far beyond the country's borders.
CARINI wins top award at the 2021 FINAT International Label Competition

First time overall winner “Best in Show” at the FINAT Label Award

At this year’s FINAT Label Award, three submissions from the Lustenau-based company were honored at an online event on June 4 – with the label in the lead
for a red wine from Selection Schwander, which is known for its design and outstanding
print processing was even honored with the overall “Best in Show” award.

The successful CARINI labels all belong to the FINAT competition category “Group A
Marketing/End-Uses.” This largest group of Competition refers to the marketing effect of a
label within a specific market segment. The focus here is primarily on refinements and
Material effects that make the product stand out from the crowd at the point of sale. This is exactly the special
CARINI’s strength, as the winning label in particular was able to impressively demonstrate to the jury:

Priorat Sobre Todo (Switzerland/Spain) – “Best in Show” and winner “Group A Marketing/EndUses”.
To simulate a copper engraving with the appearance of a banknote, all six colors of this
Offset printing label for a Spanish wine from the Swiss Selection Schwander as a
Spot colors printed. The outstanding feature here is the height of the Blindprägung in combination
with a copper/gold foil. In addition, the fascinating interplay between the
Hot foil stamping with tilt effect and the semi-transparent film. The design of the label comes from
Manuela Pfrunder, who is also responsible for designing the banknotes for the Swiss National Bank

FINAT Label Award - "Best in Show

LEH Professor Riesling / State Research and Teaching Institute for Viticulture and Pomology Weinsberg
(Baden-Württemberg) – Recognition Award “Group A Marketing/End-Uses

With its combination of human body and animal head this label is fully in the design trend
of the year 2021. The particular technical challenge here lay in the accuracy of fit of the
Hot stamping as well as the printed image – especially in the case of the glasses worn by the depicted badger alias
Professor Riesling carries. In addition, the crest was printed in black on a Colorit metallic bronze hot foil and finished by means of 3D screen-printing varnish .

Portugieser Pinot Noir Rosé / Winery Heinrich Vollmer (Palatinate) – Recognition Award “Group A

Excellent implementation of an ornamental pattern of several intertwined and
overlapping lines: The filigree-precisely worked out guilloches in the lower area
form another example of the outstanding offset printing quality of CARINI labels. Two
Hot foil stamping in gold gloss or red glaze visually reflects the contents of the bottle.
The appealingly fine look is perfectly rounded off by Blindprägung in the large “V” with
prismatic formation.

“Our great success at this year’s FINAT competition has shown it once again: With
innovative solutions, we turn labels into extraordinarily distinctive brand ambassadors that
immediately catch the eye from the sales shelf,” says CARINI Managing Director Edgar
Sohm. “Noble labels thus not only reflect the high quality of the respective product, but also
are also a revenue-generating investment that often pays for itself within a short time. With this
we can maintain this top level of printing technology in the future, we are always on the lookout for
for specialists who not only bring the relevant know-how, but also a passion for
for all-round optimum results – especially with the traditional specialty of our

company, the particularly demanding label projects. We are therefore pleased about every
Reinforcement and also unsolicited applications are always welcome!”