Sustainable waste management

The Cycle4green scheme helps save on disposal costs while reducing environmental pollution. Approx. 360,000 tons of carrier paper are generated annually in Europe as a waste product of label production. Of these, 80% goes into landfill and approx. 16% is thermally recovered. Consequently, there are moves in Brussels to get carrier paper classified as packaging across the EU and tax it along the lines of the Austrian packaging recycling system (ARA).

To avoid these additional costs to our customers while simultaneously protecting the environment, CARINI is a partner of the “Cycle4green” project. As well as reducing environmental pollution by recycling carrier paper, the project has the further advantage of saving on our customers’ disposal costs.

How Cycle4green works:
Carrier material is collected in c4g storage containers (only glassine paper, no other materials)
c4g is notified briefly approx. 5 days prior to collection
Material is collected free of charge by c4g’s logistics partner (from 3 tons upwards)
New storage containers are delivered and material is transported to the company Lenzing Papiere GmbH
Material is recycled at Lenzing

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