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Industrie Nord
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Adapted to your requirements. Your
individual tailored label for chemicals.

Informative, design appealing and sustainable.

What does your brand stand for - and what conditions must your chemical product label withstand?

Today, chemical products must comply with a variety of strict regulatory requirements. Among other things, this means that you have to provide your labels with extensive product information. However, we at CARINI are convinced that this should not stop you from marketing your products in a customer-oriented way.

We work with you to develop chemical product labels that communicate your brand message and both visually appeal to and best inform your customers.

Multilayer labels offer an excellent opportunity to combine compliance and branding. In the area of sustainability, too, there are now solutions that are extremely attractive for the chemical industry.

Multilayer labels offer an excellent opportunity to combine compliance and branding in this regard. These labels consist of two to five layers. They can accurately display all important information while also maximizing branding opportunities.

Another interesting topic is subsequent imprinting. This is often done by thermal transfer printing and not only provides you with maximum flexibility in your production process, but also ensures great quality. To ensure this, we attach great importance to internal and external quality tests carried out in advance. For this purpose, we offer you a wide range of high-quality thermal transfer ribbons that guarantee permanent process stability.

In the area of sustainability, too, we now have solutions that are extremely attractive for the chemical industry and are being intensively developed further. By printing sustainable labels, we reduce energy, water and wood consumption and cut greenhouse gas emissions as well as waste volumes. 


The 7 most common mistakes with labels and the solutions

Custom chemical labels must comply with GHS standards

The Globally Harmonized System, or GHS, has been in effect since June 1, 2015. This was established by the United Nations to create, for the first time, an internationally accepted and uniform system for the classification and labeling of chemicals. For your label, this means that the hazard and safety labels must be depicted in the correct minimum size to thus comply with the GHS standards.

We support you with the selection of material, adhesive, execution and accompany the development up to the finished label.

Not only does your label need to process flawlessly and look good in stores or after labeling, it also needs to withstand the environment in which it will be shipped, stored and used. We will guide you through adhesive and face material options and all technical design options to suit your product’s storage environment. In this way, we ensure that your label retains its desired appearance and functionality throughout the entire product life cycle.

The path to your perfect chemical label.

How can I accommodate all the information and legal requirements on my label in a design-technically appealing way? What (sustainable) solutions are available that fit my internal processes?

We will be happy to support you without obligation. Simply fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Andreas Deuscher, Head of Purchasing FRIKE Group

"As a full-service provider with an enormous range of products in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical sectors, one of our core competencies is to react quickly to our customers' requirements. CARINI convinces us here over and over again with extremely high flexibility and short delivery times. For us, an important partner with a convincing price/performance ratio."

Andreas Roth, Management Sonett GmbH

CARINI has been supplying Sonett with labels for our extensive and internationally available range of laundry and home care products, body care and natural cosmetics for over 10 years. We very much appreciate the reliable and uncomplicated order processing, the helpful input in new and further developments of our labels and the empathetic communication".

Christian Amann, Deputy Managing Director Klema GmbH

"In state-of-the-art production processes, we manufacture sophisticated products for the dental industry.
A smooth process is decisive for us in every respect. CARINI offers us this reliability and we are pleased with the long-term partnership that has grown out of it."

Mathieu Schneider, Purchasing Düring AG

"Even after many years of cooperation, we still highly appreciate CARINI as a very reliable and very high quality supplier."

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