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Industrie Nord
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From appetizers to espresso. The
perfect food label for your brand.

We serve. Individual. Design appealing. Sustainable.

What does your brand stand for - and what conditions must your food label withstand?

Food labels should not only successfully appeal to target groups, but must also prove resistant to environmental influences as well as daily handling. In addition, strict requirements such as legal standards or labelling obligations have to be fulfilled in many cases.

The fact that our integrated management system works is always particularly evident when our customers are not only satisfied, but delighted.

Together with you, the CARINI team develops food labels that communicate your brand message clearly and transparently, appeal to your target customers visually as well as inform them in the best possible way.

Storage in humid environments, in refrigerators, freezers, contact with oils, other liquids or daily handling – we analyze each use case in detail and develop the individually tailored label on this basis. Design, brand message and a material and adhesive combination that matches your goals and values – all this is part of our overall concept for your label.

And of course, the topic of sustainability is becoming increasingly important here as well. In the meantime, there are also diverse and extremely attractive sustainable label solutions for the food industry, which are continuously and intensively developed further. By processing sustainable materials, we reduce energy, water and wood consumption and cut greenhouse gas emissions as well as waste volumes.


The 7 most common mistakes with labels and the solutions

Maximizing flexibility throughout the packaging process

Large variety, ongoing changes or permanent time pressure? We work with you to develop solutions that maximize both flexibility and stability along the entire process.

One popular tool is subsequent imprinting. The options here range from CARINI-internal services such as subsequent numbering or coding to external options such as inkjet, direct thermal and thermal transfer printing. We attach particular importance to internal as well as external quality tests carried out in advance.

Our benchmark - Quality & Environment

The fact that our integrated management system works is always particularly evident when our customers are not only satisfied, but delighted. This exceptionally high product and service quality is the result of two very specific success factors:

  • We listen carefully to our customers and therefore understand very precisely what is needed and desired in a specific individual case – and what is not.
  • CARINI continuously invests in the latest printing and process technologies as well as in the consistent further development of the individual strengths and skills of our employees.

In addition, the integration of environmental protection into our daily processes is one of the most important steps for CARINI towards a safe and livable future.

ISO certifications:

  • Quality management system according to ISO 9001
  • Environmental management system according to ISO 14001
  • Safety and health protection management according to ISO 45001
  • Food safety/hygiene according to ISO 22000


Download ISO Certifications

We support you in the selection of material, adhesive as well as execution and accompany the development up to the finished label.

Your label must not only be flawless to work with and look excellent when on the shelf, but it must also withstand the environment in which it will be shipped, stored and used. Therefore, before designing your label, we work with you to develop a clear vision of how you want to present your product and its packaging. Based on this, we work out the most effective implementation option, which is precisely tailored to your overall packaging vision, budget and performance requirements. This keeps your label in top shape in terms of appearance and functionality throughout the entire product life cycle.

The path to your perfect label.

You have an idea, are looking for creative input or a special solution for your requirement?

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Claudia Berger, Purchasing FLEISCHWAREN BERGER Ges.m.b.H. & Co. KG

"Responsible action is a matter of course for us as a family business with a long tradition. The topic of sustainability is a matter close to our hearts. Introducing completely recyclable packaging was our goal. CARINI helped lead this project to success with great technological know-how and a lot of commitment."

Annette Haugg, Team Leader Purchasing Herbaria Kräuterparadies GmbH

"What we really appreciate about CARINI is the professionalism and precision & radiance of our labels."

Ursula Cavaliere, Marketing Narimpex AG

"The careful processing of natural foods is our core competence. The conservation of resources is part of our philosophy. With CARINI's know-how, we were able to implement individual solutions for easier processing of our labels. CARINI coordinates the cross-departmental coordination with our technical departments simultaneously for new projects. In this way, our ideas can be realised quickly. For us, this is the perfect collaboration."

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