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Industrie Nord
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You have a lot to say? With
multilayer, label Roll & other
innovative solutions ...

… we create free space & wrap all information for you.

The various possibilities of information wrapping

Legal requirements, important facts and data about the product, instructions for use, multilingual texts, captivating stories and much more: often the space on the label is not enough to accommodate all the desired information. CARINI offers you solutions that not only leave you enough space to tell your customers everything they need to know, but that are also inspiring in terms of design. In the following, we will briefly present our solutions to you:

Multilayer labels

Thanks to its multi-layer structure, the CARINI multilayer label provides you with several pages for extensive texts and illustrations. While the basic label is fixed to the product, the upper peel-off label can be quickly and easily detached and resealed using the grip tab.

Label Roll

This multi-removable and re-sealable label strip is wrapped around the product. The length of the label is precisely adjusted to the respective amount of information.


This folding booklet can contain up to 36 pages and is folded in a zigzag shape. The booklet is reclosable and thus forms a compact unit with the container.

Product tag

Product tags are a eye-catching and therefore highly attractive variant of labelling. For bottles, for example, the design options range from a simple cut-out for the bottle neck to a visually particularly high-quality solution with a cord.



Finishing techniques

What is the best way to inform your customers based on the packaging?

There are many different ways to package information in the world of labels. In this context, it is important to choose a method that informs the customer correctly and in an uncomplicated way – but at the same time also appeals to him 100 % in terms of design. We are happy to support you in the selection and development of your customised solution to ensure that you and your product can shine and inspire at the point of sale!

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