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Industrie Nord
Bildgasse 42
6890 Lustenau

10 elephants in Lustenau? Well, our
embossing technology works differently.

With 60 tonnes we move mountains for you.
Premium, natural & awarded worldwide.

High-quality embossing - a noble eye-catcher

Is the information conveyed by the label alone enough to trigger the impulse to buy at the point of sale these days?

Among the decisive factors for a product’s success is, of course, first and foremost its quality. However, an appropriately high-quality presentation is almost as important, as quality must also be immediately recognisable. In line with this understanding, we at CARINI have developed to become experts in the field of label finishing.

Filigree structures make an impressive statement

Embossing is an excellent finishing option to give the label a stylish, high-quality and noble touch.

This type of finishing really tempts you to touch it. Logos, image elements, texts or even entire surfaces can be brought out or deepened and catch the attention of the product. They tell stories and give your brand personality – without the need for many words.

The various possibilities at a glance

A basic distinction can be made between embossing and debossing. This refers to the process of creating raised or recessed relief images and designs on label paper.

Depending on the shape being embossed, relief embossing can be used to create an even more lively effect. With this embossing variant, the paper is not only shaped one-dimensionally, but three-dimensionally.

Microembossing offers another possibility to set the scene for your label in an extraordinary way. Here, impressively filigree structures are applied that create an extraordinary appearance in combination with the matching hot stamping foil. And if you are looking for an even finer structure embossing, nanoembossing comes highly recommended.



Finishing techniques

Looking for the matching finishing?

We know the most beautiful finishes to match your design. Take advantage of our free finishing advice. Send us your design or a draft of it and we will get back to you with our ideas within 2 business days.

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