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First-opening safety solutions by CARINI

First-opening safety - valuable for the entire product life cycle

Whether we walk through the supermarket, the pharmacy or a sporting goods shop – we always come into contact with first-opening safety solutions in some form or another. Future users are thus given the assurance that the product has not been used by anyone else so far and is therefore “safe”.

Banderole - closing label - perforation

In practice, we distinguish between three different forms of first-opening protection: banderoles, closure labels and perforations.

Closure labels and banderoles are used when the condition of the label should indicate that the product has already been opened (first-opening guarantee) or when the label is used for reclosing.

Perforations allow the product to be opened at a precisely defined point. This not only helps the user to open the product, but is also interesting from a design point of view. This allows the label to retain its quality over a longer life cycle and to impress visually even after opening.



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