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Industrie Nord
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Swiss cheese for your label: Our
special & internal die-cutting solutions.

Extraordinary, fascinating & highly precise

The manifold possibilities of special & internal die-cutting

Many of you have probably never asked yourselves where Swiss cheese actually gets its famous distinctive holes. The cause was discovered only a few years ago by Swiss researchers: Due to microscopic hay particles that get into the milk bucket during traditional milking, gases are released during fermentation, causing the holes to appear. To ensure that the holes remain even in times of increasingly modern and hygienic milking machines, it is now possible to add hay microparticles to the milk mass.

However, Swiss cheese holes should not be confused with the special die-cuts made by CARINI. These can now be produced with the utmost precision thanks to the latest printing technology. No matter whether you need cut-outs in different places or impressive effects with a fascinating depth effect: our special and internal die-cuts open up completely new design possibilities and let your labels shine in the daily competition.

Another exciting option is the combination of internal die-cutting and reverse printing. The reverse side of the back label is ideal not only for conveying information, but also for telling unique stories with graphics.

Let us work together to create label solutions that inspire! We will be happy to support you throughout the entire process – from creative consultation and technical feasibility testing to high-precision implementation.



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