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Industrie Nord
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Everything your heart desires. 
Our plastic film label materials.

Smooth. Structured. Sustainable. 

Perfectly adapted to your requirements - Our plastic films label materials

Choosing the right label face material is often a challenging task and starts with the basic decision between paper and plastic. Both bring the most diverse advantages and disadvantages. The same applies if we go one step deeper into the analysis of plastic films.

The options here range from PE to PVC and PO to PP films. These materials differ not only in terms of conformability, but also in terms of tear resistance, chemical resistance, temperature resistance, as well as register behavior, which can have a great impact on the quality of the label.

Sustainability and plastic labels - a match?

In terms of sustainability, a lot has happened in recent years. Thus, the CARINI portfolio today ranges from mechanically as well as chemically recycled PE and PP films to films made from wood pulp, sugar cane ethanol, raw materials from pulp production or cereal grain. You can find out more about our sustainable materials here.

The world of refined plastic labels

Do you tend to use a plastic film for your label – and want to give it an additional high-quality finish? No problem!

Varnishes not only protect the surface of your label, but can also be used as a design element. The processing of matt varnish, gloss varnish and glitter varnish opens up versatile possibilities to significantly increase the value and originality of a label. 3D varnish additionally makes a long-lasting haptic impression.

What was unthinkable in the past for plastic films is now a reality: as of late, it is also possible at CARINI to emboss a special, sustainable, as well as plastic-like material. A more detailed analysis of this process will be published in the corresponding whitepaper in the upcoming weeks.


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