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Industrie Nord
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Just a stone's throw away:
The real stone labels at CARINI

Experience quality with all senses.

Real stone label - a creative "heavyweight" in a league of its own

You have a truly unique product and are looking for a label that is as distinctive as possible? CARINI has an extraordinary solution for you: real stone labels!

Made from a multi-layer composite material, the top layer is made of real “thin slate”. Each individual label is therefore completely unique and at the same time reflects the diversity of nature in its look, feel and structure.

The printing of this irregular stone structure is made possible by the use of state-of-the-art printing processes. High-quality punching tools with specially developed cutting geometry then bring the labels into the shape you desire.

Matched to the surface to be glued, the real stone labels are self-adhesive. Due to the flexibility of the composite material, the labels can be applied to curved surfaces such as bottles to a limited extent – however, labelling cannot be done by machine, and must be completed manually.



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