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Industrie Nord
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The personal eye catcher for your 
product: Real wood labels

Experience quality with all senses.

Good appearance is sometimes not everything...

….but only part of a larger whole. For example, when it comes to presenting its products in a particularly impressive way. That is why CARINI offers its customers an unusual variant of finishing: Real wood labels made of birch and cherry wood. Their presence at the point of sale and later with the consumer goes far beyond the visual realm and appeals to almost all of the human senses. The encounter with the product thus becomes an all-round fascinating experience.

View, smell, feel & hear the premium class

The wooden labels are made from hand-picked trees. And it is the use of real wood that makes the crucial difference: while conventional labels rely exclusively on visual stimuli, the wood version also has an impact on a haptic and sensory level. You can feel, smell and even hear nature when you run your fingers over it.

This combination of diverse sensory impressions conveys to the customer’s subconscious that he is dealing with long tradition and high-quality craftsmanship. The result of this encounter is very effective in many cases: the prospective customer gains trust in the brand – even if it was completely unfamiliar to him or her before.

Ideal for traditional luxury products

Due to their natural and handcrafted appearance, labels made of real wood are particularly suitable for traditional luxury products such as spirits or wines. However, the wood material is also very popular for other applications and can be used in a variety of ways.



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