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Industrie Nord
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Circular economy with
In-Mould reusable cups.

A highlight for events & use at home.

The sustainable alternative to disposable cups

Imagine you are at a concert of your favourite musician. In 30-degree heat, you treat yourself with a drink and notice the following: the cup is not only very stable, but also decorated with a portrait of your star.

As you make your way to the exit after the concert, you see almost no discarded cups. And if you do, there are always people who pick them up to either take them home for themselves or hand them in for a deposit.

You remember the old days when, after such an event, thousands of cups lay crumpled on the ground, which had to be tediously collected and disposed of in the days after.

Today’s versions, however, are clearly more sustainable. After all, these are high-quality, sturdy reusable cups that also offer great advantages in terms of marketing – but what does CARINI have to do with it? Well, quite a lot…

The world of in-mould labels

In-mould labels are extremely resistant to abrasion and chemicals. CARINI prints the film, die-cuts it into the desired shape and ensures in quality control that the films can be further processed in perfect quality. In the next production step, the processed film is inserted into the mould before the injection moulding process and then bonds with the injected plastic.

The result is a reusable cup that supports the circular economy, increases profitability for the organiser and, last but not least, of course, delights the customers and fans!



Finishing techniques

Looking for the sustainable solution?

Reusable cups are not only suitable for concerts, but also a sustainable option for events of all kinds. We are happy to support you throughout the process from the idea to the finished product and look forward to hearing from you!

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