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Industrie Nord
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In another dimension.
The 3D varnish by CARINI.

The special haptic experience.

A special haptic experience that inspires!

Is the mere provision of information on the label still enough to trigger the impulse to buy at the point of sale?

Among the decisive factors for a product’s success is, of course, first and foremost its quality. However, an appropriately high-quality presentation is almost as important, as quality must also be immediately recognisable. In line with this understanding, we at CARINI have developed to become experts in the field of label finishing.

3D varnish vs. embossing - an interesting alternative?

3D varnish has been an extremely popular finishing option for labels for years. Could this finishing technique also be interesting for you – and how does it differ from blind embossing?

Embossing uses a brass tool to create a relief in the paper. The intensity of the embossing depends heavily on the process, the material, the technology used and the expertise of the printer. In contrast, 3D varnish uses a screen to create a semi-circular, raised structure that determines the intensity of the feel. The screen thickness can be freely selected, but the following questions have a decisive influence on the final result:

  • To what extent does the 3D varnish support the design?
  • What effect do you want the label to have?
  • Which areas will be finished – large areas, fine lines or dots?

A decisive advantage of the 3D coating lies in the almost limitless variety of applications. In contrast to blind embossing, 3D varnish can be used not only for papers but also for plastic foils. The final result creates impressive effects for the hand and eye with its relief and gloss and really tempts you to touch it. 3D varnish is therefore an excellent finishing option in every respect, which can also be excellently combined with embossing – opening up further exciting application and design options for your labels.



Finishing techniques

Looking for the matching finishing?

We know the most beautiful finishes to match your design. Take advantage of our free finishing advice. Send us your design or a draft of it and we will get back to you with our ideas within 2 business days.

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