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Industrie Nord
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Fancy some heavy metal?
Introducing Tin Labels by CARINI

The highlight for top wines & spirits.

Impressive luxury look thanks to metal labels

Sometimes you can tell at first glance which products set the tone on the market. A decisive factor here is, needless to say, the appropriate label. That’s why we have our TIN labels in our range for high-quality luxury foods, such as fine champagnes, wines, spirits, oils, water and cigars as well as limited editions – a perfect composition of aluminium foil and paper layer and specially developed for heavy embossing with stamp, medal or coin effect. The outcome are premium-looking labels, designed for the exclusive and eye-catching branding of luxury goods. But TIN labels not only leave a lasting impression with their visual appearance, they also perform at their best on damp surfaces and at low temperatures.

Thanks to their resistance to ice water, they are ideally suited for all glass containers filled with delicate drops that are best enjoyed when well chilled.

Fascinating depth

The material combination of the TIN labels made of aluminium and paper enables an extraordinary depth when embossing the labels. This effect can be underlined and further enhanced by creative shadow elements. In addition, printing with various structures is possible. In this way, a wide variety of impressions can be realised, such as “historical coin”, “brushed metal” and much more.



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