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Industrie Nord
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Easy care beards & much more:
The velvet finishes by CARINI.

… irresistibly fluffy & soft

The exclusive velvet finish for your labels

Imagine you are shopping and looking for a fine peach liqueur to give as a gift on occasion. You stroll along the shelf in the supermarket, examine one bottle after another – and are immediately fascinated by this one particular product that not only looks classy, but also has that special feel to it. You can actually feel the velvety skin of a peach on the label! An impressive moment that literally makes you feel at first hand that this must be a very special liqueur. What will your purchase decision be…?

Besides beverages and spirits, there are many other areas for which our new Velluto labels are made for, such as hair and beard care, fabrics/textiles, etc. But wherever they are used, one thing is certain: CARINI’s velvet finishes ennoble every product and delight with every touch.

The Italian word “velluto” means velvet and we invested two years of work in the development of our new finishing variant. The result: exclusive labels that are currently unique on the market in this form. For the production, we use the same process that is used, for example, for flocking in the automotive industry. Here, the synthetic fibres are applied to the label with a precise fit using an electrostatic field. This creates surfaces with a highly precise, defined textile feel. In addition, our Velluto labels are resistant to ice buckets, can be produced in almost any colour and shape and are suitable for machine labelling and shipping in transport boxes.

The unique alternative - Velvet labels

In addition to Velluto, the partial flocking solution, there is another trend in this segment: Velvet labels. These high-quality materials come in 9 different colors, namely white, gray, black, pink, red, dark red, dark green, purple or even dark blue. With the matching stamping, the product can be given a touch of class and appeal to your customers’ senses in the best possible way. A unique way to leave a lasting impression.



Finishing techniques

Boundless design possibilities

Our Velluto labels can be produced in almost any colour and shape. Papers can be finished just as well as foils, varnishes and laminates. And in addition to the extensive colour range you can even mix your own individual colour of choice. The alternative, the so-called Velvet materials, also have a lot to offer and have already brought a lot of joy to us and our customers.

Whatever you wish: We are happy to be your experienced and creative partner for all finishing techniques. Your CARINI consultant will be delighted to support you from the design phase to the finished label.

Looking for the matching finishing?

We know the most beautiful finishes to match your design. Take advantage of our free finishing advice. Send us your design or a draft of it and we will get back to you with our ideas within 2 business days.

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