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Industrie Nord
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Pleasant for skin & eye.
The Velvet labels at CARINI.

Experience quality with all senses.

Velvet materials make labels an experience for all your senses

Velvet has its origins in the fashion industry and is now advancing to a luxury packaging variant. Sensual velvet labels add a special magic to numerous products, from cosmetics to spirits to wine and much more.

With velvet, you can add a touch of extra class to your offerings, choosing a neutral or bold color depending on the brand. CARINI offers you a wide range of velvet materials in the highest quality and in the colors white, gray, black, pink, red, dark red, dark green, purple or dark blue.

With this portfolio, you can inspire your customers with labels that leave a lasting and exceptionally high-quality impression, both visually and haptically.

The unique alternative: Velluto velvet finishes

Velluto labels are fascinating-exclusive brand ambassadors that are unique on the market in this form. For production, we use the same process that is used for flocking in the automotive industry. In this process, the synthetic fibers are applied to the label with a precise fit by means of an electrostatic field.

This creates surfaces with a highly precise, defined textile feel. In addition, our Velluto labels are ice bucket resistant and suitable for machine labeling as well as shipping in shipping cartons.



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