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Industrie Nord
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Everything your heart desires.
Carini's wine materials.

Structured. Smooth. Sustainable

You search, we find - the right label for your wine

The variety of CARINI label materials for wines is almost unlimited and not only popular in the wine, sparkling wine and champagne sector – spirits and craft beer producers also benefit from our wide range of options, which we are constantly expanding:

At CARINI you will find a wide portfolio of textured and also smooth materials of the highest quality suitable for thermal transfer printing. In terms of colour, the palette ranges from pure white to sustainable, natural variants to mash-dyed materials that guarantee a constant background colour. Also to be considered are no-label look films, which also open up numerous design possibilities.

Combined with the wide range of adhesives and substrates, CARINI thus offers enormous creative scope, which we can exploit together along the entire development process.

Wrinkles & bubbles....

… many producers of champagne, wine, sparkling wine, prosecco, spirits and craft beer are still struggling with these impairments in their labels today. In order to achieve the most authentic appearance possible, papers and wet-glue labels are used. However, paper absorbs moisture very easily. Keeping a bottle in an ice bucket for a long time or cooling it first in the refrigerator or ice bucket and then exposing it to heat can have undesirable effects in some cases: The label wrinkles, curls or forms bubbles.

However, CARINI has a solution for this too:

With Plus materials, labels withstand even these challenges. An underlaminate protects the label from the formation of bubbles and wrinkles. This technology also enables better release of complex label shapes and improves embossing.With Plus technology, you can use a wide range of paper facestocks to achieve a high-quality and authentic appearance throughout the product life cycle.



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