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Industrie Nord
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Serafina Quota & CARINI. DoWhatYouLove

When passion, creativity and high technology combine, the result is unique projects - and an extraordinary partnership.
Serafina Quota & CARINI. DoWhatYouLove

Serafina & CARINI

Visions bring people together – not coincidences.

The coming together of the Serafina Cultural Association and CARINI is a good example of this. Since the first project in 2016, more and more a partnership developed. From the support of the annual heart project, the consideration of a joint cooperation has emerged.

This year again, we are especially looking forward to the implementation of the next packaging concept, for which we produce the labels of great wines. 

Creative, extraordinary, sustainable and unconventional – that’s how we love it.


Serafina Quota - A cultural association

20 years ago they found each other – the founders of the cultural association Serafina and the houses.
What started with the longing for life in the countryside in Italy is now one of the most extraordinary concepts. Four authentic refuges, each very special and endowed with the charm and flair of the Piedmont region, invite you to an unusual time out. The wonderful wine from the steep slopes of the small vineyards is included. The cultural workshop with analog print shop and darkroom is open to creative people at any time.

Project Schneeweis_Wittmann


The vision – Coming together. Networking. Working together.

The Mission – “The Artist in Residence Program.” Every year graphic designers & artists are invited to apply to design the labels of the new vintage wines.

The special – During the stay in the authentic accommodations in the Langhe
the contact with the locals and nature shapes the result of the layout for the labels in a unique way.

The value – People come together to work, to exhibit and last but not least – to enjoy.

The cooperation – CARINI is pleased to be a partner of the Serafina Cultural Association to realize even the seemingly impossible label creations. With special know-how and high-tech solutions. And as always with passion and enthusiasm.

Anja_Kaufmann Design

Serafina Cultural Workshop

Located in the wonderfully authentic Borgata Casale, the stately country house offers everything the creative heart desires. Atelier and studios. An analog printing workshop. A darkroom and, last but not least, a ceramics studio.
The wood-burning stove in the kitchen invites you to linger – anyone who wants to take a break from everyday life in an inspiring atmosphere is welcome.