beecareful at Carini

We live the principle of attentiveness within our company and with our daily actions. An active contribution to environmental protection is important to us as we continually strive to think ahead, for all future generations.


beecareful - active environmental protection through our bee project

CARINI premises are home to three bee colonies
The careful use of energy and all natural resources is deeply rooted in our corporate policy. Among other things, we are actively committed to the survival of bees that have a big importance for our nature. In 2019, we have accommodated three bee colonies on the CARINI company premises, which have been busy swarming out since spring, pollinating fields and meadows around our company building and producing honey. Since the bee project is a matter close to our heart, the colonies are supervised by a team of six beekeepers consisting of CARINI employees, three of whom are currently attending a beekeeping course to acquire a deep knowledge about bees from the bottom up. In addition, we are supported by the beekeeping association Lustenau in the first two years. By the way, CARINI is the first company in history with a corporate membership in this association.

We are pleased that more and more companies are acquiring bee colonies and thus making an important contribution to intact ecosystems. The more that take part in species protection for bees, the better for people, nature and future generations!

Certified environmental management

The guiding principle "avoid before reduce before recycle before discard" determines our handling of natural resources. As a direct consequence, we always include the potential impacts of new processes and products on the environment in our decision-making processes. Protecting the environment, while discovering potentials and saving costs at the same time were decisive reasons for the certification of CARINI's environmental management system according to EN ISO 14001.

PV plant generates green CARINI electricity

96 solar modules on the roof of the company building generate green electricity from the electromagnetic rays of the sun. With an output of 29.5 kWp, this photovoltaic system generates approximately 29,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year. This approximately corresponds to the yearly electricity needs of 6 households. Furthermore, 17 tons of CO2 can be saved annually with this system.

The purchase of this photovoltaic system is a first step towards providing a part of the energy required by the company itself. This is a nice example of how to combine ecology with economy in a sensible and profitable way, in harmony with the environment.

In 2020 we have additionally invested in the company’s modernization and safety – by implementing a new ventilation system, the modern LED lighting system and tools for greater reliability.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

We care about the environment and want to improve our carbon footprint which is why CARINI has its own charging station for electric vehicles.

Simply park the vehicle at the designated position, collect the authorisation key from our operator and start charging the vehicle.

The charging station has a 3-phase current with a maximum of 22 kW and 32 A and features a type 2 plug socket. Fitted with an intelligent current, voltage and energy measurement system, it allows electric vehicles to be charged using charging cables with different cross-sections regardless of the protection at the charging station. It therefore enables the fast charging of all types of electric vehicles. The station is easy to operate thanks to multi-colour LEDs which indicate the current status of the charging station at all times.

klima aktiv - energy efficient company

In the course of the klima aktiv program of the Austrian Federal Ministry, we were awarded as an energy-efficient company by the Austrian Energy Agency.

By replacing the old refrigeration system with two new smaller refrigeration systems, we achieve a saving of 126,500 kWh per year. This is not a standard system replacement, but the installation of a freecooling system, which makes the large savings possible in the first place.