150.000 trees until 2030

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword at CARINI!

With our large and constantly growing sustainable label portfolio, we create holistic packaging solutions. The focus is on the individual requirements of our customers, ecological aspects and technical feasibility. As a label manufacturer, we naturally process a lot of paper and in terms of a holistic circular economy, the tree as a renewable raw material fits perfectly into our corporate philosophy. In this way, we implement the principle of mindfulness with our actions.

Our active contribution to environmental protection and the preservation of biodiversity are very important to us. That is why we have had our own beehives on the company premises since 2019, which are looked after by our employees. The bee careful project is a matter of the heart as well as company policy, and sustainable beekeeping is more important than high yields. In line with our principle of sustainability and our corporate culture, we are now launching another initiative:

We plant one tree for every order, with the goal of planting 150.000 trees until 2030.

1:1 - WE PLANT A



since 01.01.21

Planting trees against climate change

Trees can reduce carbon in the atmosphere through their enormous CO2 absorption potential. Large-scale reforestation has the potential to greatly mitigate climate change, which in turn gives humanity time to reduce CO2 emissions globally and in the long term. With each individual customer order and together with national and international partners, we plant trees in Austria and in places around the world where reforestation is indispensable. We have set ourselves the goal to plant 150.000 trees until 2030. Order by order, tree by tree, we want to help save the climate. Every year, we provide clear and transparent information on how many trees have been planted and where new forests are being established with our help.
We are convinced that planting trees means believing in the future.


In cooperation with the province of Vorarlberg, we have planted the first trees in the Bleischwald forest in Bludenz and many more are to follow. Together with forestry experts, we select forest areas and suitable tree species for reforestation. Around one third of the trees we plant are to grow in local forests. However, reforestation is also a global issue. Through the network of the international children's and youth initiative "Plant-for-the-planet", we support various projects in Ecuador, Malawi, Congo and the Philippines with our initiative 1:1 - one order, one tree. 100% of the financial support benefits the respective projects. Let's work together for a sustainable and green future.

Climate saviour? Forests can do much more!

Forests provide habitats for countless animal and plant species and are thus indispensable for the preservation of biodiversity. Their roots protect our soils from erosion, keep nature's water balance in equilibrium, have a cooling effect and purify our air. Especially in our alpine locations, their protective function against avalanches, rockfall and mudflows makes settlement possible, and last but not least, our forest is a recreational space for all of us.

Our projects

In collaboration with the province of Vorarlberg, we have planted the first trees

One third of the trees we plant are growing in local forests. more

Deep wound in the mangrove forest

Mangroves are known to be the "rainforests of the seas" and protect coasts and reefs, create breeding grounds for fish and birds, but also bind CO2 like hardly any other plant. more

Donating trees for spectacled bears

Closing gaps in Ecuador's mountain rainforest - and providing food for endangered spectacled bears. more

Addressing climate change and empowering the local population

Projects to address environmental and social challenges in the Democratic Republic of Congo. more

Trees for life Malawi

Development of sustainable forestry and the way out of modern slavery for women and girls. more