Faja Lobi in Idiofa

FajaLobi runs several projects to address environmental and social challenges in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The traditional method of farming throughout Congo involves clearing and burning forests and vegetation. This gives farmers clean pastureland on which they can grow their crops. After the soil has lost its nutrients, farmers burn adjacent land for farming and hunting. This behaviour leads to soil erosion and the disappearance of native vegetation. Faja Lobi convinces local farmers of the ecological and economic benefits of reforesting their land.

The organisation relies on long-term cooperation with local communities. Too often, development aid organisations use a hit-and-run strategy, where the helping partner leaves the scene without looking at the consequences of their decisions. They quickly run out of funds because most of the money is spent on advisory activities. Faja Lobi makes a conscious decision not to do this and spends the money on cultivating and planting trees. Currently, 580 local people are working on the reforestation project.

Location: Congo
Reasons for forest degradation: cutting and burning of forests
Partner: Faja Lobi VZW