Malizia Mangrove Park

The Gulf of Davao is located on the eastern side of the island of Mindanao (Philippines) and its water surface is twelve times larger than Lake Constance. More than 15 years ago, the huge bay supplied more than three million people with edible fish. Those days are over. Industrial fishing has completely overfished the stocks in the bay. The sensitive ecosystem of the mangrove forests in the bay is also threatened. The mangroves have been cleared for decades for the construction of pile dwellings and the aerial roots are processed as charcoal.

The importance of reforestation in the Gulf of Davao
Mangroves are now protected as they are the most important ecosystem in the world next to the rainforest. Mangroves protect coasts and reefs, but are also indispensable breeding grounds for fish offspring. They provide an unparalleled microcosm due to the large amount of leaves that fall daily and rot on the bottom. Furthermore, they are the perfect playground for worms, snails and maggots that serve as food for the small fish. Flies and mosquitoes buzz above the water level, tasting good to the birds and at the top of the food chain are the iguanas and snakes.

Location: Philippines
Reasons for degradation: deforestation (for pile dwellings, charcoal,...)
Partner: Mama Earth Foundation, Inc.