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Industrie Nord
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Dreams come true:
The 3D visualizations of

… just look and decide – the DREAMCOMPOSER® .

Design security for your label

Every project is a new chance to make dreams come true. In the end, it depends on many small details – which type of embossing, but rather a different shade of hot stamping foil? How simple and effective it would be if such details could be displayed in 3D at the touch of a button.
could be visualized – talk to us: with the DREAMCOMPOSER®, from KURZ we can customize your layout in seconds and, in addition to our advice based on fantastic visualizations, give you the opportunity to view different versions of your label. Even more safety on the way to the dream result

3D-Visualisierung CARINI 79AU
3D-Visualisierung Label

3 D visualization - inexhaustible design possibilities

Using our CARINI wine 79AU as an example, we have been able to visualize different expressions. Different gold tones were also tested. The use of hot foil stamping in black was an idea that was finally implemented in the visualization due to its convincing appearance.

Let us inspire you: We are your partner for great projects.

Heißfolienprägung & Blindprägung 1.04


Finishing techniques

Dreams come true!

We know the most beautiful finishes to match your design. Benefit from our free finishing consultation with 3D visualization. Send us your design and we will get back to you with our suggestions within 2 business days.

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