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Maximising flexibility with
thermal transfer printing

Low printing costs & high permanence combined.

Flexible. Affordable. High quality. Thermal transfer printing.

Thermal transfer printing offers a very good option for printing on plastic and paper materials. In the wine and spirits sector, however, the choice of material is limited because structured materials cannot be imprinted well.

The main advantages of thermal transfer printing are its flexibility, low printing costs and high print quality when applied accurately. In addition to the above-mentioned limitations regarding the choice of material, however, the choice of colours is also limited (black, blue, green, red, white).

Thermal transfer printing requires a thermal transfer printer and a thermal transfer label with a matching ribbon. You can choose between wax, wax-resin and resin ribbons, which also differ slightly in their categories:


  • requires only low printing energy due to wax base
  • lowest-priced quality group
  • for simple applications (mainly paper labels)
  • Example: AWX FH basically suitable for glossy paper


  • medium printing energy required
  • guarantees sharp-edged printing on PE labels and smooth paper labels
  • higher smudge and scratch resistance
  • Example: APR6 basically suitable for smooth wine materials


  • high printing energy required
  • sharp-edged results and strong opacity on smooth plastic labels – not recommended for paper labels
  • heat resistant ( up to 250 degrees in some cases).
  • Example: Resin Pro basically suitable for ethereal oils

With thermal transfer printing, it is important to analyse the entire process in advance. With an optimal combination of printer, label material and thermal transfer ribbon, the printed labels can be processed perfectly. However, it is important to monitor these three variables continuously, because quality-related changes are always possible and may require a quick reaction.

The maintenance effort for thermal transfer printing is moderate. In addition to the ribbon, the print bar is also a consumable and must therefore be replaced regularly.



Finishing techniques

We support you in the selection of the matching thermal transfer ribbon

Thermal transfer ribbons are available in different colours and qualities. For the best possible print quality, the ribbon, the printer type and the material to be imprinted must be compatible with each other. Ribbon qualities include resin, wax-resin (hybrid) and wax. The choice of the optimal thermal transfer ribbon depends decisively on the respective application.

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