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Industrie Nord
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Off to new waters.
With personalised labels.

Impressively. Creative.

The manifold possibilities of personalisation

Are you looking for a label solution that should be truly unique – and where a finishing such as embossing, hot foil stamping or 3D varnish on its own may not seem like the right solution? Then you have come to the right place. Basically, there are three options for turning a label into something unique. We present these to you below:

Mosaic solution

The CARINI Mosaic solution offers you the possibility to customise different parts or forms of a label, making each label truly unique. The uniqueness of each product thus creates a very special buying experience.

Mosaic personalisation can be implemented with a wide variety of shapes and objects. The only limit lies in the choice of the printing technology, as digital printing is the only possible option.

Variable words

Another possibility of personalisation is the individualisation of certain words on a label. The best-known example of this is provided by Coca Cola’s “Share a coke” campaign, which succeeded in reaching its customers on a personal level. This went so far that the personalised bottles were available far beyond the retail stores. Customers were given the opportunity to have the bottles personalised online and also to submit name suggestions, which were even available in stores a short time later if they were popular enough.

However, it does not necessarily have to be names. If your project allows it, verbs or adjectives can also be personalised in the label, thus addressing the target groups even more clearly and effectively.

This type of personalisation can also only be implemented in digital printing, but can be combined with all finishing options.

Laser coding solutions

By using numbering, you can give your label a unique character without much effort. This method is used, among other things, for special editions, which are only available in strictly limited quantities, or occasionally for the identification of different series and batches. In contrast to the two options mentioned above, laser coding can be used not only with digital printing, but also with labels produced in conventional offset, flexo and screen printing.



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