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Awards | 3 minute reading time

Phenomenal result at the Golden Pixel Award 2023 for CARINI

Vienna, October 04, 2023: Big cinema for CARINI - the coveted Golden Pixel Awards will be presented at the Colosseum21 event location.
Phenomenal result at the Golden Pixel Award 2023 for CARINI

Alpine Sky by 9 Meadows wows the jury at the Golden Pixel Award 2023

The 21st Golden Pixel Awards 2023 were presented in a great atmosphere. This was preceded by intensive days during which the jury evaluated the submitted projects. In the labels category, the number of submissions has increased again this year. For the first time the nomination is extended from 4 to 6 labels – 3 CARINI projects are nominated.
Finally, “Alpine Sky” by 9 Meadows inspires with its multitude of details in technically first-class execution, which only gradually reveal themselves to the viewer.
Storytelling that skillfully and impressively tells the story of the product. The deeply marked Swiss mountains are just one example that points to the origin of non-alcoholic gin. A journey of discovery of a special kind.
Thus, after winning the labels category at the 20th Golden Pixel Award in 2022, a dream comes true with the show label CARINI Moonshiner and the victory once again goes to Lustenau. But it gets even better – “Alpine Sky” takes the overall victory on points across the 17 categories announced – a phenomenal success.

All about the winner at the Golden Pixel Award 2023

The founders of 9 Meadows, Dominic Howard and Pascal Jürgens, are behind the product “Alpine Sky”, a non-alcoholic gin. The label was designed by independent graphic designer Nichola Dearn.
A special project in terms of cooperation right from the start. With a great deal of openness and the courage to create something special and without regard for technical limitations, a multitude of first-class details develop during implementation.

The Alpine Sky Story

Swiss craftsmanship is renowned worldwide. From watches and high-tech machines to Michelin-starred dishes, attention to detail is woven into everything.
And so it is with 9 MEADOWS: from the wonderful Swiss botanicals to the traditional distillation in copper pots and pure Swiss water, no detail is too small. Sustainable paper is used for the labels and recycled glass for the bottles, because just like our friends the bees, it’s the little things that make the difference.
Alpine Sky: Like a deep breath on a sunny Alpine morning, notes of mountain juniper, Swiss aronia berries and cooling mint invigorate your senses.

Alpine Sky Gesamtsieger Golden Pixel Award

The design

The design skillfully plays with many elements and references to its Swiss origins.
A closer look reveals the images, names and heights of the famous mountain ranges, Mont Blanc, Matterhorn, Eiger and Dom.
The bee as the central element conceals microtexts on the wing or leg that are only visible with a magnifying glass.
The honeycomb structure and illustration of the botanical used complement the multitude of symbols.

Alpine Sky

The technical execution

All finishes and techniques used
techniques, such as
foil stamping and blind embossing


, underline
the story of the product with its many facets. They make the label come alive in the truest sense of the word.

The background to the Golden Pixel Award

The format will be held for the 21st time in 2023. The Golden Pixel Award provides the Austrian printing and packaging industry with the platform and stage for their great products. The award sees itself first and foremost as an initiative that aims to highlight the importance and value of print, something that was impressively achieved again this year.

Golden Pixel Gruppe