Kasungu Indigenous Reforestation Project

As recently as 2005, there were kilometres of virgin forests on both sides of the road in Mzuzu as far as the eye could see. Today these have almost completely disappeared as the forests have been cut down for firewood or charcoal and for the powerful tobacco industry. Left behind are women and girls who have to carry contaminated water and, increasingly, firewood over longer and longer distances. This is modern slavery!

There are countless positive effects of afforestation: improving the microclimate, reducing soil erosion, preventing rivers from drying up, carbon sequestration and many more. The main task set by the Lovemor and Boyd team is to improve the quality of life of the population and to ensure the availability of medicinal plants, firewood, fruits and timber in the long term with prudent forest management.

Place: Malawi
Reasons for forest degradation: logging for firewood, charcoal, tobacco
Partner: Wells for Zoë